Atomic Stack Unit Tests

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding the development efforts on Atomic Stack.  I’ve started writing unit tests for the classes developed so far.  Development on the target code with be mostly halted until the tests have been caught up.  After that time, I plan on adhering to TDD practices going forward on the project.

I’ve started with unit tests for the .Net side, but also plan on writing tests for the web/js side.  If anyone has any suggestions on JavaScript unit testing tools to check out, please leave a comment below.  I should be exploring options for testing the web side over the next couple of weeks.  I’ve already planned ahead for unit testing on the web side by abstracting away the HTMLDom by way of the as of yet incomplete baseApplication class.  There is an htmlDomApplication concrete class that provides the wiring to the HTMLDom.  I plan on using an alternative implementation to provide a mock for unit testing.

Atomic Stack Coding Standards

I have started writing the Atomic Stack Coding Standards documentation. This documentation will begin with coding styles and best practices in an attempt to encourage consistency in the code among the various contributors.

Check it out at